Jerry Lewis‘ lost (or, rather, intentionally withheld) film, The Day The Clown Cried, will probably never see a release, making any peek at this purportedly disastrous effort something worth talking about. Look no further than YouTube, which now has 32-minutes of making-of footage originally aired on Flemish television for the curious fans, courtesy of TheSheik1976 and uploader unclesporkums. The video is divided into two parts–an interview with Lewis, where he gives sparing details concerning the film’s plot, screenplay and casting (the reluctance may be due to its risky subject matter), and a glimpse into the production of the movie’s prologue. As rumored, the film was meant as Lewis’ turn into more mature territory, and, ironically enough, he seems to exude confidence going into the picture, stating he couldn’t have taken on the project ten years ago as a younger, less experienced filmmaker.