A big In-Case-You-Missed-It entry here with this excellent in-depth interview with Claire Denis from the Walker Art Center’s Regis Dialogue And Retrospective series in 2012 (one of the particular highlights of this recording is that it includes all of the clips that were presented during the event). Conducted by esteemed writer/critic Eric Hynes for the Walker Cinema’s Claire Denis: Unpredictable Universe program, it is a lengthy and rewarding discourse that covers the majority of the French director’s works and mainly consists of her own reflections on them.

When prompted about her directorial debut, Chocolat (1988), Denis details some of the autobiographical connections between the film and her personal history but also amusingly reveals her distaste for a certain bit of “bullshit” dialogue. Hynes’ questions regarding White Material (2009) brings about an exchange concerning perspective and the essential role that subjectivity plays in Denis’ filmmaking. Beau Travail (1999) is examined in terms of the production’s origins, the influence of its real-world setting’s extreme environmental conditions, and the inspiration that shaped the movie as an adaptation. The other films included in the discussion are Nenette And Boni (1996), The Intruder (2004), and 35 Shots Of Rum (2008).