Andrezj Zulawski, the Polish director behind the 1981 masterpiece Possession, continues to have limited exposure almost everywhere. His films are delirious, near-primal excursions of madness and obsession, and his usage of largely theatrical acting and frenetic camerawork have earned him a reputation as something of an unsung original. Due to his work being largely unavailable on home-video, many have yet to discover this great talent (although Mondo Vision is working to restore a lot of it, thankfully). Also unfortunate is the lack of early clips and interviews, leaving a kind of yearning to know more about this radical filmmaker.

Although this clip is extremely brief (running a mere fifty seconds long), it is the closest we have to a glimpse at Zulawski’s directorial process. The footage was shot while he was in the midst of directing his 1985 film L’amour Braque, and it feels as chaotic and unhinged as one would expect. The scene being filmed appears to take place in a station, with the camera being zoomed across a dolly track to capture a vehement group of travelers sprinting and shouting through the building. Before calling “action”, Zulawski is seen flailing his arms and giddily yelping directions to the crew. This is as spirited and exciting as set footage gets, and it’s difficult to think of a better way to spend a minute.