Pete Walker: A Man of Flesh and Blood, directed by David Rickerd, is a short documentary consisting of the 70s British master of horror and sleaze discussing his notorious The Flesh and Blood Show (1972). Walker specialized in a grittier, more disturbing style of horror that deviated from the Hammer Horror films being made around the time period. The film in discussion ended up being a precursor for his more well-known efforts (such as The House of Whipcord (1974) and Frightmare (1974)), and it deftly incorporated even darker and more disturbing horror into the kind of sexploitation films that Walker had been dabbling in. The director informs us that, because he was an independent filmmaker, he was able to make the kind of films he wanted to make—-which was contrary to much of the horror being made by his contemporaries—ultimately resulting in films that were as accomplished as they were subversive and shocking.