David Lynch and Mark Frost, following the major success of Twin Peaks, partnered up for another series in 1992: a cracked sitcom about a 1950s television network trying to bolster a new variety show that, much like the ill-fate of Frost and Lynch’s other show, ended up cancelled in the U.S. after airing only three episodes on ABC. Seven episodes of On the Air, however, were created for the first season, and the series was broadcast in its entirety in the United Kingdom and Australia, developing a minor cult following around its heady take on the conventional production-room comedy.

It isn’t hard to understand why the show wasn’t favored by the folks at ABC after viewing the Lynch-directed pilot, which contains a large dose of the strange, idiosyncratic humor the director is known for, sometimes to alienating effect. But aside from the bizarre jokes not resonating with a wider audience, the problem may have been the show’s minimal setting, shrinking down the fully-realized world of Twin Peaks into a surreal television studio called ZBC. Now, the show can now be looked at with fresh eyes, flaws and all, thanks to YouTube user suspektc29, who has uploaded all of the episodes currently unavailable on the home video market. It’s a strange one, indeed.