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Albert Serra Interview (The Story of My Death)

The Story of My Death

Albert Serra is a Spanish filmmaker whose four feature films have earned him such classifications as ‘Romanesque’ and even ‘Radical Classicist’. His breakthrough film, Honour of the Knights (2006), played Cannes and won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Viennale, while his latest film, The Story of My Death, took the Golden Leopard at Locarno in 2013.

Serra’s films engage with adaptation and history, including Honour of the Knights‘ Don Quixote and the Three Wise Men in Birdsong (2008), and The Story of My Death is no exception. Splicing together stories of Casanova and Dracula, the film is as much about their myths as the transition from one century to another. We couldn’t be more excited to talk to Albert at our studio space in OCAD U’s Graduate Gallery, having the tremendous opportunity to go deep discussing The Story of My Death during TIFF 2013.



This interview was first published in September of 2014.

By The Seventh Art

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