“…frankly, at the time, I realized I’m not going to sell a cowboy movie, a western, because nobody’s going to buy it. But they will buy an exploitation film. This was back in the days when you could still do those kind of films.”John Carpenter

From a French DVD release of the film it concerns, this brief interview with John Carpenter sees the American auteur being asked about his 1976 masterpiece Assault on Precinct 13. Topics include the project’s conception (it began as an early stab at solo writing for the director that essentially flowed out of him), how the production—and reception after its release—contrasted with that of his debut film Dark Star (1974), the autobiographical inspiration for a masculine/survival-based character archetype that Carpenter used in several of his movies, and the “living nightmare” that is shooting inside (and lighting the cell bars of) a real prison.