Computer Chess has a fascinating concept to begin with, but it’s in Andrew Bujalski‘s bold—albeit playful—experimentation at the soul of the film that brings his vision to life. Certainly it isn’t the type of movie anyone could dream of making under the strictly-marketable mentality of the Hollywood system. Bujalski—in this short 3-minute video meant to raise funds for the film through United States Artists—imagines the sort of meeting that would occur had he pitched his idea to a smarmy executive, and he uses the scenario to make a valid point about the impossibility of presenting something this radical and being granted the cash to produce it. It’s a funny and honest idea to raise the budget, but it also reenforces the necessity of kick-starter campaigns in relation to funding this kind of unique filmmaking.

The Seventh Art is featuring Andrew Bujaski at their latest Live Directors Series event, taking place February 3rd and 4th at the Innis Town Hall Theatre in Toronto. You can purchase tickets here.