Barbara Hammer is a legend of experimental cinema, creating bold and affecting works on a wealth of subjects, including feminism, lesbian cinema, queer and hidden history, the body, art in the context of war, mortality and much more. Beginning in the 1970s, Barbara’s work has consistently grown in scope and stature, including the avant-garde classics: Dyketactics, Sanctus, Nitrate Kisses, Tender Fictions, History Lessons and Resisting Paradise.

Barbara was in Toronto for a comprehensive programme of her work, presented by the Toronto International Film Festival, the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre and the Images Festival. Barbara’s introductions and Q&A’s are lively affairs and our interview with her was no different, speaking candidly as ever about her career, her book Hammer!, and most importantly, what she’s currently working on.



This interview was released in June 2013.

Lead photo by MoMA.