Ben Wheatley is not a filmmaker who made his name through music videos (instead, he began his career with television ads), although, from watching his clip for the new single “Formaldehyde” from British post-punk outfit Editors, it is surprising that this is his very first excursion into the mode. The surreal clip was shot in Spain on the old sets that Sergio Leone used for Once Upon A Time In The West (1968), and the sandy setting wholly gels with the song’s Western-tinged sound. The video concerns a cowboy who is pulling along a coffin and eventually winds up in a town where what appears to be a large cult resides, wearing masks made of mud and clay to shield their faces. It is most certainly an extension of the themes Wheatley has been tackling through all of his work so far—which, among other things, include a fixation on mysticism and the occult, as well as a penchant for violence. As a big fan of the director, this was a real joy to watch and remains as unpredictable and frightening as everything else he’s done.