On No Signal, from our “Speaking Lightly” interview with Toronto-based visual artist Blake Williams:

“…its narrative of events and climax weren’t dictated by my decision-making but by my own physical endurance — the ability to flap my hand around as vigorously as possible until it hurt too much to continue. But I do make sure to ease the viewer into the performative aspect in a very step-by-step manner — turning on the projector, waiting for it to find a signal, letting the “No signal” alert come up, then gently caressing the projector light and very gradually increasing the speed of my motions until the rainbow effect becomes discernible. It was very important to me that the audience knew how that phenomenon was being generated, and understood that the colours they were witnessing weren’t digitally inserted in post-production. Of course, they could be digital, but I try to erase any doubt about that by making the method as clear as possible. People can be very confused by technology, so I wanted to make sure everyone could tell how I was doing what I was doing, like a step-by-step demystification of a magic trick.”