While it is for the most part standard Electronic Press Kit material, the above documentary nevertheless contains a plentiful share of insight with regard to the making of Paul Verhoeven’s notorious 1992 film Basic Instinct. The director himself sits in to provide an interview, explaining various facets of the movie’s production including its relationship to his 1983 work The Fourth Man (which he sees as a quasi-prequel), the influence of Vertigo on the film, where inspiration for the infamous leg cross/flash scene came from, and his deciding with Michael Douglas to cast Sharon Stone, who at the time was not yet a star performer but one of the few actresses who would agree to Verhoeven’s conditions regarding sexual content and nudity.

It also details the controversy surrounding the film’s depiction of lesbian and bisexual characters, which involved a conference demanding the majority of the narrative be changed in addition to protests/rallies as well as a restraining order enforced by police guarding the movie set that led to mass arrests.