In 2001, the European Graduate School invited Chantal Akerman (Jeanne Dielman…, News from Home, Almayer’s Folly) and Catherine Breillat (Fat Girl, Anatomy of Hell, Bluebeard) to discuss their “movies, theories, dramaturgy, creativity and the process of creation, filming, filmmaking, directing, the relevance of the camera, subjectivity, editing, and the magic and strength of the screen.” This was filmed as part of the Open Lecture series at EGS’ Media and Communication studies department program, held in Saas-Fee Switzerland, Europe. Be sure to crank the audio, the recording standards in 2001 were not what they are today.

EGS interestingly describes Belgian master, Chantal Akerman, as being self-taught (“briefly attended filmschool, but left after three months”), known for her “deconstructive style and pessimistic humor,” and isolates her themes as “observations of identity, sexuality and politics.” Meanwhile, Breillat “is known not only for her films focusing on themes of sexuality, gender conflict and sibling rivalry, but also for her best-selling novels,” she’s the “subject of controversy for her explicit depictions of sexuality and violence,” and isolates David Cronenberg a filmmaker that she “considers to have a similar approach to sexuality in film.”

This lecture is common for EGS, which has a mandate that promises “creative encounter with the foremost representatives and thinkers of expressive arts (coaching, consulting, education, social change, and therapy) and media and communication (architecture, art, contemporary philosophy, cultural studies, film, literary theory, literature, media studies, performance art, photography, and video).”