This short documentary, Chris on Chris by Chris Drake, takes a look at the legendary — and elusive — French filmmaker (and writer/poet, photographer, artist, etc.) Chris Marker. It begins with the computer graphics work he contributed to American director Michael Shamberg’s 1988 movie Souvenir and further explores such works as Marker’s interactive CD-ROM project Immemory and his classic 1962 sci-fi/still-frame short film La Jetée. It also features an interview with Terry Gilliam, who remade Le Jetée as 12 Monkeys (1995).

Also detailed are Marker’s experimental travelogue/essay film Sans Soleil (1983) and A.K., his 1985 documentary portrait of Akira Kurosawa, made while the Japanese master was shooting Ran.

The documentary in this post can be found on the outstanding Criterion Collection release of Sans Soleil and La Jetée. If you’re a Toronto resident or you happen to be in Toronto sometime during the next few days, be sure to check out TIFF Cinematheque’s Chris Marker semi-retrospective series, which features both of these stunning works. Starting tomorrow, the program is entitled “Films in Remembrance of Things to Come: Works by Chris Marker”, which also features great Marker films that are discussed less frequently. Details on the program can be found by clicking here.