Level Five (1997) is a feature-length experimental work in which writer/director Chris Marker. The film utilizes a fictional narrative device, a computer programmer using the internet to research The Battle of Okinawa for a game that’s production she is assisting, in order to craft a visual essay that explores the very real implications of such historical information as it relates to technology, war, history, personaly identity, time, and memory.

The TIFF Cinematheque’s film series, Films in Remembrance of Things to Come: Works by Chris Marker, explores these very same themes through Marker’s wide body of work, including this evening’s formidable triple-movie event: Remembrance of Things to Come (2003), La Jetée (1962), and The Sixth Side of the Pentagon (1968).

The program’s third screening will take place tomorrow with A Grin Without a Cat, Marker’s epic 1977 essay film focusing on the worldwide ramifications of the political turmoil that took place during May 1968. This film stands as one of Marker’s most recognized achievements and cannot be missed. For more information, click here.