Every year for almost two decades now, a distinctive filmmaker has made a short “trailer” for the Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale). In 2011, the task was taken on by David Lynch who, as one familiar with the man’s work might assume, ended up creating a bizarre little movie that is characteristic of his always strange and always intriguing artistic sensibility.

It’s called The 3 Rs, and the Viennale’s official website provides some ideas about the piece that speak to its cryptic qualities:

“The 3 Rs may be a reference to the three basic educational skills Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic; cultural techniques that, as Lynch’s dense school nightmare makes quite clear, are simultaneously techniques of manipulation, restriction and control. The question posed at the beginning regarding the number of stones in Pete’s hands is not trivial. Why two? Why not three? Or 14? In accordance with the Lynchian dissolution of cinematic narratives in an associative tangle of terror, everything that seemed to be linear, firmly established and secure is breaking down. Liberated images liberate thoughts. Or do free thoughts free images? In cinema even a squeaky bathtub duck can bleed if you cut off its head.” – Festivalarchive Trailer | Viennale