Adolescent friends Sonny and Dirk occupy a mansion abandoned by a suburban developer. Their new home is increasingly removed from reality and transforms the boys’ lives as they while away their days. Wes Anderson meets the Brothers Grimm in Fantavious Fritz’s ambitious interpretation of familiar coming-of-age tropes.-Alex Rogalski

Fantavious Fritz‘s Paradise Falls—which was shown as part of the Short Cuts Canada Programme 4 selections at this year’s just-concluded Toronto International Film Festival—can now be viewed online, along with the other short films from the festival, until September 19th. In this film, Fritz is very clearly influenced by the films of Wes Anderson (he also gives a clear nod to Kubrick in the tracking shot of a bicycle ride down one of the long mansion hallways), and it is in more ways than just stylistically. Spotting the influences may be simple, but Fritz is able to transcend the easy comparisons by infusing his story with genuine charm and originality.