Orson Welles‘ film version of Othello, initially greeted with mixed reception from critics and audiences, is now regarded as one of his finest, boldest achievements. Less recognized, however, is his final film, embedded above: a documented conversation with Welles and two of his co-stars (Micheal MacLiammoir and Hilton Edwards, who played Iago and Brabantio, respectively) reminiscing on the production, release, themes, and subsequent influence of 1952’s Othello. As always, Welles is a voluble, towering presence, filled with fascinating insight on his work, and it’s a shame this documentary–the first in a planned series of films, in which Welles discusses his masterworks–still hasn’t seen a proper release. As of now, this is the best print out there, and, even in its rough quality, the film is still eminently engrossing. For more Welles goodies, including Filming ‘The Trial’, the partially completed second film in the series, visit uploader Citizen Welles‘ YouTube channel.