A big hat-tip to Michael Sicinski for directing our attention to this John Grierson co-directed documentary short, Granton Trawler. Michael suggested it as a perfect pairing with Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel’s Leviathan (2012) and it couldn’t be more appropriate.

The documentary follows the fishing trawler, “Isabella Grieg”, from Granton Harbour in Edinburgh up to the fishing grounds between Shetland and Norway. The doc is one of the few directing credits Grierson took, usually producing the groundbreaking films with which he is associated in Britain and Canada (including creating the term documentary in the first place). His co-director, Edgar Anstey, would go on to helm the British Transport Films unit for 25 years.

For comparison, take a look at Leviathan below. The film was recently named the #1 film of 2012 by Cinema Scope, so don’t hesitate to catch it in its theatrical splendour when you have the chance.