Wojciech Jerzy Has, known primarily for his magnum opus The Saragossa Manuscript, had just ended his time Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków when he released this superb short film. Harmonia follows a more conventional narrative trajectory than the director’s subsequent work, focusing on a young boy’s desire for a handsome accordion in the storefront and the devastating realities he must face once that dream is brought to life. There is a particular lengthy sequence toward the middle–in which the boy takes his prized possession home and curls up on the floor with it, falling asleep and dreaming of playing it in the town square for all of the people–where Has’ film has a distinct shade of his later experimental tendencies: images of the citizens circle the little protagonist in a joyous dance, only to overlap and slowly dissolve out of the frame, leaving him despondent and alone in front of the onlookers perched on their stoops. Especially effective is its placement right before the uncompromising ending.