Harmony Korine has little work predating Gummo (1997), his feature debut, excluding his screenwriting credit for Larry Clark’s Kids (1995). In fact, the only directorial work from this period yet surfaced is a TV spot for Visual Mafia—an MTV series produced by Aaron Rose (of Beautiful Losers fame). Korine’s brief blast of punk/DIY filmmaking and bizarre humor must have seemed fairly transgressive, or perhaps confusing, lodged between some of the channel’s more conventional programming. In this minute-long clip, he plays banjo on the street as a homeless person and tries to pick a fight with a pedestrian (I cannot confirm this is a clip from the supposedly incomplete Fight Harm project Korine started with David Blaine), all the while reciting one of his signature quasi-poetic voiceovers. It is strange and strangely moving, with seeds of his later work found in every second (particularly the vignette-structured Gummo and the equally odd character sketch Curb Dance). If anything, it’s further proof Korine (credited as “Harmful Korine”) came onto the scene with a vision wholly his own.