Writer David Cairns recently uploaded to his Vimeo account—and wrote a piece for MUBI Notebook about—this amazing 1925 avant-garde short, Jeux des reflets et de la vitesse (Games Of Reflection And Of Speed), directed by French filmmaker Henri Chomette (who is fellow director René Clair’s older brother). Be sure to give Cairns’ essay a read because it provides some context and background information—Man Ray was involved—and then watch the film in the video above to witness its travelogue-esque style and striking experimentation with light, movement, dissolves, and editing that all coalesce to form a work of remarkable visual splendor. Beginning with a bit of optical play involving reflections, Chomette eventually segues to interconnected sequences of accelerated train and boat travel that, in the most dazzling sections, render rapidly passing lights amidst the dark void of a tunnel as an abstracted vision of speed and velocity.