Part 1

Karpo Godina rounded up a group of six other directors at the 1971 Belgrade Film festival—Frederick Wiseman, Tinto Brass, Paul Morrissey, Miloš Forman, Buck Henry, Dušan Makavejev—to shoot this one-room/one-night experiment from 1971. The rules were simple: each director must keep their part under 3-minutes and each film must contain the line “I miss Sonja Henie”—the Norwegian figure skater and movie star who passed away in 1969. Each director runs with this absurd concept, two main actors (one male, one female) and a limited attic setting, resulting in a risible slew of scenarios often imbued with the kind vulgarity and absurdity expected from the talent involved. The strangest name on the roster, of course, is Frederick Wiseman, and his contribution to the film is one of the few times the ‘direct-cinema’ pioneer has tried his hand at fiction film-making.

This short, as you might have guessed, is not safe for work.

Part 2: