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Issue 10 (Whit Stillman, Costa-Gavras, Athina Rachel Tsangari and Cameron Bailey) is now available!

Issue 10 of the Seventh Art - Whit Stillman, Costa-Gavras, Athina Rachel Tsangari and Cameron Bailey

We’re happy to launch our 10th issue, which is our first to feature only interviews… and what interviews they are! We talked to the trenchant and kind American writer/director, Whit Stillman (Damsels in Distress), at the conclusion of our inaugural Live Directors Series. We were thrilled to host Whit and screen two of his films, Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco, and the interview appropriately digs deep into each of his four features.

From our Toronto International Film Festival coverage, we have two exciting interviews: the legendary Costa-Gavras (Z, Missing), who we talked to about his latest film, Le Capital, black comedy in some of his recent features, and a few off his less talked about older works; and the incredible Athina Rachel Tsangari, who discussed her critically acclaimed film, Attenberg, as well as her latest work: the stunning short, The Capsule, which is now playing at TIFF Lightbox in Toronto.

To appropriately wrap it all up, we had a brief chat with the Festival’s Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey, who offered his honest insights into the Canadian film industry and Festival programming over the years.

By The Seventh Art

The Seventh Art is a Toronto-based online magazine about cinema founded in 2012, with a focus on in-depth interviews with filmmakers.