Section 4 of Issue #6 is an in-depth interview with director Nicolás Pereda.

Nicolás Pereda is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker whose films have been taken up as a talking point by a number critics on subjects as varied as contemporary Mexican cinema, contemporary contemplative cinema and the nebulous distinction of the documentary film.

Beginning with his first feature, WHERE ARE THEIR STORIES? (2007), Pereda has notably worked with the actors Gabino Rodriguez and Teresa Sanchez in most of his flims. His next two features, JUNTOS (2009) and PERPETUUM MOBILE (2010), act as further intertexts through shared story elements, while his short, INTERVIEW WITH THE EARTH (2009), exists both within and outside the overlapping feature film, SUMMER OF GOLIATH (2010). His latest work is the black-and-white documentary of his own experience shooting an educational television program, ALL THINGS WERE NOW OVERTAKEN BY SILENCE (2010).

Nicolás was in Toronto to shoot a new film – to be released after his upcoming film, GREATEST HITS (2012) – and we were thrilled to chat with him at GET WELL as the walk-in fridge gently hummed in the background. We talked about motifs in his films, how they are presented in theatres and festivals, how they have been received, and whether radical films can still be made.