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Issue 9 (Peter Mettler [THE END OF TIME], Ernie Gehr [SERENE VELOCITY], and more…) is now available!

Issue 9 - Peter Mettler, Ernie Gehr, Casablanca, Serge Bromberg

Happy Holidays from The Seventh Art! Our slowly-trickling-out 9th issue features interviews with Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler, whose new film The End of Time is finishing up its end-of-the-world run here in Toronto. We also had the incredible good fortune to be able to talk to experimental cinema legend, Ernie Gehr , who brought two new works to TIFF’s always incredible Wavelengths program that we were able to discuss at length: Departure and Auto-Collider XV. This month’s profile is of Serge Bromberg, a modern day renaissance man, whose restoration efforts for the only known hand-painted version of Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage dans la Lune are documented in the self-co-directed film, The Extraordinary Voyage. And finally, there was a 1983 television series prequel to Casablanca, which we believe lays bare the process of cult fandom for the film. Take a gander!

By The Seventh Art

The Seventh Art is a Toronto-based online magazine about cinema founded in 2012, with a focus on in-depth interviews with filmmakers.