In 2010, filmmaker/media artist Jen Proctor crafted her own version of Bruce Conner’s classic film-collage experiment A Movie (which can be viewed here). It’s a re-imagining whose relationship to – and interpretation of – its original source material is an essential facet in how it functions as a contemporary update.

Proctor’s own description of her project provides some context:

“A loving remake of Bruce Conner’s seminal 1958 found footage film A Movie using appropriated material from YouTube and LiveLeak. As a remake, the video provides a parallel narrative that explores the changes in historical and visual icons from 1958 to 2010 – and those images that remain surprisingly, and delightfully, the same. The work also comments on the pervasiveness of footage available for appropriation in an online world, and the way disparate threads in the YouTube and LiveLeak databases can be assembled to create ‘a movie’.”