Frank Tashlin‘s satirical classic, The Girl Can’t Help It (1956), starring a lovely Jayne Mansfield, could easily be exalted to the ranks of Hollywood classics based solely on its profound influence over the music industry, featuring a soundtrack that went on to inspire lofty rock-and-roll icons like Elvis and The Beatles. But the film–and, indeed, the entirety of Tashlin’s career–has an importance extending all the way to the films of director John Waters, who cites the movie as a major influence on the 1950s pastiche (popping colors, zany humor, rock-and-roll) found in much of his work. Listening to Waters talk about anything is almost always worthwhile, but his voice is especially rhapsodic here, detailing his own memories (for 20 minutes!) of growing up with, and being bowled-over by, Tashlin’s film.