This year marks the 50th anniversary of Joseph Losey’s madcap masterpiece The Servant (1963). It is a great movie that has aged extraordinarily well, and larger audiences are now being introduced to the film through its special theatrical restoration. This roundtable discussion from the CBS show Camera Three aired after The Servant screened at the very first New York Film Festival in 1963, and, along with Losey, features Hallelujah The Hills director Adolfas Mekas, cinema champion (and Film As A Subversive Art author) Amos Vogel, and Richard Roud joining the director as he dissects the political and sexual themes found in the story as well as his greater freedom with the production. If you had the recent opportunity to revisit The Servant, this is essential discourse on the film. The discussion also frequently segues into talk of the state of cinema and the ever-blurring line between the arthouse and the mainstream. The last section sees Mekas speaking about Hallejuah The Hills, which also had its premiere at the NYFF that same year.