“You hate this? This is what food tastes like.”

At the length of a little over an hour, Kentucker Audley’s 2010 film Open Five exists in the space between the run times that are commonly thought of as ‘short’ and ‘feature-length’ (this liminality being echoed by the characters in the movie – in addition to its blending of fiction and reality – is a nice touch), and it’s also a remarkable work of DIY/homemade cinema that contains more than many films twice as long.

The director, who runs the invaluable website NoBudge, imbues the movie with a spontaneous quality and packs it with perceptive details that are strongly attuned to the types of connections his characters have with each other as well as the various forms of communication that they use to navigate those relationships. As his small group of friends travel to Memphis for a weekend trip, Audley – aided by beautifully naturalistic cinematography from Joe Swanberg – finds a joyfully relaxed tenor in the narrative’s events but also recognizes the conflict (and, sometimes, pain) that coexists with the hope that these people have for themselves and others.

“We’re all gettin’ there…we’ll get there.”

P.S. – Being the fascinating oddball that he is, Audley has played on the prevalence of Instagram in current image-making culture and provided a Choose Your Own Filter option at his personal website for viewing the complete film in a number of various color palettes. According to his twitter account, ‘Satellite’ is the most popular choice.