content editor/programmer Kurt Walker (who also helps out with running the great blog Vulgar Auteurism) has recently uploaded to his Vimeo account a curious little piece that brings to mind what the future may hold for a certain brand of homemade cinema.

With Everything Is Embarrassing (Neonlight), Walker appropriates a self-shot living room hangout for a recounting of a friend’s night out at a club that ended in heartbreak and disappointment, culled from the story’s original telling in a Skype conversation between the two. The text from that chat session is at one point superimposed over the image, bringing about a sense of how communication styles can traverse different modes of interpersonal contact. Walker’s camera is observational and the tone is appropriately patient, evoking the relaxed mood of the social interactions on display. It’s a small work of personal proportions and a naturalistic atmosphere bolstered by modest formal flourishes – the opening colors, the cut to a video game, ending shots of the club, etc. – that enticingly compliment the moods and moments being recorded.