In this haunted film from Greek master Nikos Nikolaidis, presented as a free-form adaptation of the poem by Lambros Porphyas, the ornate interiors of a church are cast under blankets of light and shadow. Nikolaidis’s roving camera takes us through three different environments (beach, church, house) and death seems to lurk in every corner and fixture. There is a recurring dilapidated statue (eventually losing its head), a host of candlesticks and ceiling lanterns and an antiquated clock–the final shot suggesting unity of these objects through this abstract design. Lacrimae Rerum is a cryptic interpretation that shows an aesthete and complex artist finding his bearings (though it’s unclear whether the visible dolly in the top left corner frame of the opening shot is a gesture toward self-reflexivity or a neglected goof in the production).

Admirers of the director aching for more (and I count myself as a newbie among his sizable cult) should also check out this interview on Vimeo from 2005.