Here’s another short “trailer” for the Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale), entitled My Last Minute, made for the event back in 2006 by the French madman director known as Leos Carax (Les Amants du Pont-Nuef, Pola X, Holy Motors).

Once again, the official Viennale website has some illuminating thoughts regarding the film:

“A director lighting a cigarette, a candle-lit room, and a work place in front of a computer screen. The words ‘tonight, I stop smoking’ can be made out on the monitor. An ironic final ceremony for a vice that has long accompanied one? The pan to the drawer, which holds a revolver, instantly extends the situation to a far more comprehensive act of annihilation. A shot rents the course of events. This is not an effect of the story, but the experience of death as a radical subjective means of withdrawal. A sensation characteristic of this turbulent world that Carax explores in his films.” – Festivalarchive Trailer | Viennale