The Vimeo account of Colorado-based experimental filmmaker Phil Solomon has become the site for an ever-growing collection of uploaded “home movie” clips filmed during the last ten years in the life of Solomon’s friend and colleague Stan Brakhage, the late great film artist. The videos are part of a long-term project that, as Solomon explains in this statement, will chronicle the weekly salons that Brakhage hosted—first informally/privately then publicly—where he would screen his own work, old and new, as well as films by others from his collection. In addition to those recordings, however, are a number of invaluable excerpts that capture Brakhage going about his daily life, including the handmade filmmaking he continued to do (taking his paint and film strips to local cafes and restaurants in downtown Boulder).

Embedded below are two highlights from this tremendous resource, and the rest can be accessed at Solomon’s Vimeo page with the link above.