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Mark Peranson Interview (La última película)

La ultima pelicula

Mark Peranson is the Editor and Publisher of Cinema Scope, one of the most significant magazines on cinema, and the co-director of La última película, a riff on Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie and The American Dreamer made for DOX:LAB with the inimitable Raya Martin.

Starring filmmaker Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel) and Gabino Rodríguez (Greatest Hits), the film blends documentary and fiction, allusion and deconstruction, and questions on the future of film confronted through a cornucopia of filming formats.

Mark joined us at our studio space at OCAD U to discuss the intricacies of La última película during the Toronto International Film Festival, where it was one of only two feature films to play in 35mm.



This interview was published in March of 2014.

By Christopher Heron

Christopher Heron is one of the co-founders of The Seventh Art. He's conducted over 60 long-form interviews for the publication, and his written work includes numerous video essays, investigating formal traits in films and filmmakers. He received his MA in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto, where his work explored cinematic representations of urban space with special attention paid to the films of Pedro Costa and Tsai Ming-liang.