This past March, we sat down with Toronto director Matt Johnson and producer Matthew Miller to talk about their 2013 Slamdance winning debut film, The Dirties. The clip above is from this candid conversation and features Miller discussing how Johnson approaches the difficult position of being the lead actor and director of a film that has next to no script.

“To watch (Matt) direct from within the scene just by saying shit that he knows how people will react or he hopes and thinks that they’re going to react in a certain way… So he’ll have an idea and he’ll just run with it simply by – in character – saying something that would get Owen or whoever, or usually the people who didn’t know they were on camera when we shot… Like if you watch that first scene in the movie with those two kids, they just happen to be in the park. It was like this incredible serendipitous moment and he went up to them. The way he engages them and invites them into the scene is amazing, it’s a gift and a talent that not everybody can do. The movie wasn’t directed in a traditional sense, but it was directed from inside the scene a lot of the times – in the moment, just taking the situation, staying in character, and running with it…”

You can watch our entire interview here.

In other Dirties news, Calum Marsh has an extended interview with Matt Johnson in the forthcoming issue of Cinema Scope. Take a look at it here.