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MDF Trilogy (Video Essay)

MDF Trilogy

A video essay that investigates the formal themes of the MDF Trilogy: Assault, Princess Margaret Blvd., and Out in that Deep Blue Sea.

These three shorts, directed by MDFF’s Kazik Radwanski (Tower), all chronicle unlikely protagonists caught in a crisis – the camera following each action closely, even if the outcome is unknown for main character and audience alike.

Essay written and edited by Christopher Heron, sound recording by Brian Robertson, music by Adam Gurfinkel, and narrated by John Cohen.

This video essay was first published in August of 2012. It is also available on MDFF’s wood-cased DVD, which collects the three films in the MDF Trilogy and assorted special features.

By The Seventh Art

The Seventh Art is a Toronto-based publication founded in 2012 that features interviews with filmmakers.