Mika Levi, often going by the artistic moniker Micachu, is the eponymous bandleader for Micachu and the Shapes and a multifaceted recording artist. If her name sounds unfamiliar, it likely won’t be after the release of her much-hyped score for Jonathan Glazer‘s next outing, Under the Skin, which is already being warmly and enthusiastically received. The score hasn’t technically been released online yet, but for now, this Boiler Room set is something to get excited about. Levi spins fuzzed-out, wonky hip-hop beats that are as mesmerizing as they are danceable, and her music is taken to formidable new highs during this particular half-hour set of all original productions. If this clip is any indication, she seems to be an artist rapidly developing her sound and — with a potential mass of exposure coming her way — it’s surely an opportune time to jump on board.