When Michael Mann appeared on Charlie Rose to talk about his 1999 masterpiece The Insider, he was met with questions from a journalist who was tangentially related to the true story that the film chronicles (Charlie Rose is, as he says, loyal to being “…of the 60 Minutes family…” and had previously interviewed on his program some of the people who are portrayed as characters in the movie).

While Rose never directly broaches the subject of fact vs. fiction/reality vs. art controversey, there is a slight undercurrent of tension to his side of the conversation with Mann. Rose even asks the director – in light of the film’s lack of box-office success – if it was a mistake for him to not have been more involved in the marketing process (which leads to an abrupt comparison to Steven Spielberg). Still, Mann remains amicable throughout the talk and provides personal insight and behind-the-scenes information regarding one of the best American movies of the 1990s.

A new Blu-ray edition of The Insider is set to be released on February 19th.