“This is the new choreography of devotion, via the vlog of southern nightmares. This is the light that never goes out. This is the line describing your mom.” – POISON BERRIES : MICHAEL ROBINSON

With his 2011 experimental short Line Describing Your Mom (its title a humorous Anthony McCall reference), Michael Robinson — whose work we’ve shared before — assembles a pulsating stream of images and music from disparate elements that is driven by the constant visual rhythm of a flashing green screen and an entrancing voice-over of a woman detailing the nightmare that she has just woken up from. Robinson takes out-of-focus shots of an improvisatory dance troupe, footage from Dario Argento’s Phenomena (1985), and a Gloria Estefan instrumental track and combines them all into an evocative and affecting work that embodies the filmmaker’s distinct craft — an approach that be can described, in just one way, as a form of cinematic alchemy.

Thank you to Phil Coldiron for pointing us towards this recent addition to Robinson’s bountiful Vimeo page.