Back in April, we brought Paul Schrader to Toronto and sat down with him for an extended interview. In the clip embedded above, Paul talks about the influence of French Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan‘s Heartbeats on his upcoming film The Canyons. Schrader brought up Dolan several times over the course of his stay — needless to say he’s a fan.

“There is no style anymore. This guy from Montreal, this young kid, Xavier Dolan had made this film, Heartbeats. I liked the film and I looked at it again, and I realized, “He’s going from scene to scene, changing his style based on the scene. A Godard-ian thing, now he’s doing a Hollywood thing, now he’s doing kind of a Bertolucci thing … He keeps changing, and he doesn’t really care if one scene doesn’t match the scene before it. And I said, there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s where we are, that’s the new kind of style.”

Our own in-depth interview with Xavier Dolan will be released in an upcoming issue of The Seventh Art, and you can watch the entirety of our 80-minute Paul Schrader interview HERE.

What do you think? Is the death of consistency the new style? Will you check out The Canyons?