Paul Verhoeven, after moving from the Netherlands to America, became simultaneously one of the most reviled and — in some circles — one of the most respected directors in the United States. This was especially true following the release of Showgirls (1995), surely the most divisive work in his oeuvre. The video above is a documentary made for the television show Omnibus, a series detailing the arts and its masters, called From Holland to Hollywood (1996). It follows the career of the director up until the release of Showgirls, from the projects he embarked on in his home country to his transition into American cinema. Verhoeven’s fascinating commentary is really something to behold and provides much-needed insight into some of his more misunderstood movies. The documentary includes interviews with some of the actors that Verhoeven has worked with, as well as some great behind-the-scenes footage of him directing some of his films. It is an absolutely essential watch for long-time fans and anybody interested in delving into the controversial filmmaker’s highly debated body of work.