PETER BOGDANOVICH is a legendary filmmaker whose career began in a similar fashion to our own project: interviewing filmmakers in a thorough yet conversational manner. His relationships with Ford and Welles, among others, have yielded indispensable books investigating these auteurs’ films.

His own filmography is just as expansive and intricate, including richly woven odes to classical filmmaking and quite a few films that experienced crippling studio interventions, resulting in films that reward close readings, revisiting (specifically the Director’s Cut versions) and discussion.

Peter was in Toronto as part of Turner Classic Movies’ Road to Hollywood tour, which presented classic films with special guests in ten cities leading up to the TCM Classic Film Festival and included THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.

The night before the screening, we were lucky enough to have Peter join us at UNIT BAR, where he shared charming, insightful stories on the topic of our favourite Bogdanovich films, specifically those that are criminally under-seen for various reasons: SAINT JACK, THE THING CALLED LOVE, TEXASVILLE and NOISES OFF…

This interview is Section Three in Issue 4 of The Seventh Art.