Much like his documentary Filming Othello (1978), Orson Welles planned on making a similar film essay about the making of his 1962 adaptation of The Trial, but he was never able to complete the project before his death in 1985.

The video embedded above showcases an unedited stream of interview footage that Welles wanted to draw from and incorporate into his documentary. It features the director answering questions from an audience after a screening of the movie.

There’s an appealing quality to the rough-around-the-edges nature of the footage, something that is explained in the video’s Youtube description:

“There are frequent breaks in the video due to the film cartridge running out every 10 minutes during the shoot and other technical difficulties, being that he shot it on no budget. The cartridge also runs out at the end of the video, giving it a feeling of incompleteness. Only one side of the speaker functions.”

Thanks to Thefilmsaurus for drawing our attention to this gem.