The Seventh Art Live Directors Series with Andrew Bujalski Presented by CINSSU took place on February 3rd and February 4th 2014 in Toronto. It was our tremendous pleasure to host Andrew in Toronto for his first time in the city. He is a true talent of American independent film who has played architect – however unintentionally – to a mode of filmmaking that has a continually expanding influence.

For these reasons we felt it was a good idea to revisit those early, groundbreaking works, which last saw their due in 2007′s Generation D.I.Y., a travelling retrospective of the early days of mumblecore. It was important for Andrew to shoot and edit his first three films on film, and with that in mind we wanted to showcase his first two features – Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation – in their intended 35mm film format.

The screenings were held at the University of Toronto with the support of their Cinema Studies Student Union, where the historical relevance of the films was not lost. Cinephiles young and seasoned alike showed up to see the films for both the first time and the first time on film. A film instructor in his own right, Andrew went in-depth discussing the context for each film, the lessons learned, stories from production and the lasting influence of the films. He was even more gracious with his time at our reception following the first screening, where he spoke at length with fans of the films.

Following the screening of Mutual Appreciation, we were thrilled to facilitate the first on-stage conversation between Andrew and the film’s star, Justin Rice, since the film’s festival run. Joining us through Skype, Justin reminisced with Andrew about the production of the film, their approaches to acting and actors, and the possibility of taking one night of shooting and crafting it into an ancillary film.

Before Andrew caught his flight home, we had the chance to collaborate on a new style of interview for us, where a salon-like environment was created to have a number of different personalities talk about film and their relationship with film alongside Andrew. It felt like a suitable conclusion to two days of films about friends, conversations and alcohol, which we were happy to share with Andrew.

Press Coverage

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The second entry in The Seventh Art Live Directors Series was made possible with the support of our sponsors:

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Video Interview

Before the night’s screening of Mutual Appreciation, Andrew sat down with us for a salon-style interview. Watch it HERE.


A selection of photos from the screening of Funny Ha Ha and our interview the following day. You can view all photos from the event on Facebook.