Today marks what would have been the 72nd birthday of Chilean director Raúl Ruiz who, tragically, passed away in 2011. Since his passing, his reputation as a master filmmaker has only grown, with more and more people finally discovering and exploring his sizable oeuvre. Ruiz had been making films since the very early 1960s and became unfailingly prolific through the entirety of his career. He created numerous short and feature-length movies and had completed over one hundred by the time of his death—an intimidating amount for someone trying to delve into his work. Included here are just a few of his exceptional short films: La Maleta (1963, Ruiz’s very first film), Dog’s Dialogue (1977), Voyage of a Hand (1984) and Le film à venir (1997); all of which, thankfully, are relatively easy to find on Vimeo and Youtube. These are only a slim representation of Raúl Ruiz’s remarkable creative output, but nevertheless make for a decent starting point.

La Maleta (1963)

Dog’s Dialogue (1977)

Voyage Of A Hand (1985)

Le film à venir (1997)