Serge Daney: Journey of a Cine-Son is a documentary comprised of an interview with the incredible French critic, Serge Daney, first released in 1992. As one of the first documents of Daney to be presented to English-speaking audiences, this interview was part of the initiation of Daney into the pantheon of great critics for those who did not have access to his writing for Cahiers du cinéma and later the daily newspaper Libération. Daney talks about Hawks, Hitchcock, the French New Wave, May ’68 and television, the emerging medium he would also write about for Libération.

As with all things Daney, it is a good idea to defer to the excellent blog Serge Daney in English, who write of the documentary:

Itinéraires d’un ciné-fils is a 3 hour interview of Serge Daney by French “intellectual” Regis Debray, filmed in January 1992, a few months before Daney died of aids. It was aired on French television as part of the magazine “Océaniques” in May 1992 […]

The film is one of the two main documents (with Daney’s posthumous book Postcards from the Cinema) showing Daney, ill and aware that he might die soon, providing a kind of prefect summary of his life as a cinephile, and aligning his story with the history of modern cinema. The film also shows Daney’s fascinating and continuous discourse (it’s more a monologue than an interview) which he was so famous for (apparently, only Rivette could sustain a conversation with Daney).

A DVD of the documentary, without the English subtitles (provided by Karagarga users nletore and newland), is available from éditions montparnasse.