Issue 7’s profile is on Canadian filmmaker and cinematographer, Stéphanie Weber-Biron.

Stéphanie Weber-Biron is a director and cinematographer, whose work has spanned feature films, animated shorts, music videos and documentaries. As a cinematographer she has collaborated twice with director Xavier Dolan (J’ai tué ma mère and Heartbeats), helped chronicle Montreal’s punk history in the documentary MTL Punk: The First Wave, and shot the stop-motion animated adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Higgelty Pigglety Pop! directed by Maciek Szczerbowski & Chris Lavis for the National Film Board.

We caught up with Stéphanie at the Gladstone Hotel to talk about the crossover between being a director and cinematographer, composing shots for documentaries, her relationship with Xavier Dolan, visual motifs that recur in her work, and the challenges of complex animation shots.