Stephen Broomer is a filmmaker and film preservationist, as well as a member of the Loop Collective that we profiled in our second issue.

Christ Church – Saint James (2011) is an intriguing avant-garde film that illustrates, among many topics, an interest in the concept of superimposition, which was the title of a recent exhibition with fellow Loop Collective member Dan Browne at IMA Gallery in Toronto. Also, there is a great soundtrack from legendary musician John Butcher. Broomer describes the project:

“In the spring of 1998, Christ Church – Saint James, an historic black church in Toronto’s Little Italy, was destroyed by arson. All that remained were walls and a pit, and over subsequent years, the site was overtaken with graffiti. This film has taken on the layered form of the site itself, the space and its surfaces becoming tangled and multiple, the grid of a stone-filled window giving geometric form to simultaneously occurring images of concrete, nature, waste, paint, and sky. Music by John Butcher.

This film was processed at Niagara Custom Lab in Toronto. The optical soundtrack was made by Ray Cook and Dean Allen at Skylight Studios Ltd. Post-production was completed at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Telecine was done at Frame Discreet. Thanks to Karl Reinsalu, Gareth Jasper, Ben Donoghue, Sebastjan Henrickson, Lianna Hillerup, Adam Jackson, and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof.”

Christ Church – Saint James is distributed in North America by the Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre and in Europe by Light Cone.