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Albert Serra Interview (Liberté)

Albert Serra is a Catalan filmmaker whose films have explored themes of literary adaptation, formalism, history, and the combination of the artificial and the natural. His latest feature, Liberté (2019), premiered at Cannes where it won Un Certain Regard’s Special Jury Prize.

Albert Serra Interview (The Death of Louis XIV)

The Spanish filmmaker’s latest film is a look at the last fifteen days of Louis XIV’s life, starring Jean-Pierre Léaud, and had originated as a possible installation before being adapted into a film. We met with Albert to discuss the origin and production of the film, its philosophy, and Léaud’s acting style.

Albert Serra Interview (The Story of My Death)

Albert Serra is a Spanish filmmaker whose four feature films have earned him such classifications as ‘Romanesque’ and even ‘Radical Classicist’. His breakthrough film, Honour of the Knights (2006), played Cannes and won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Viennale, while his latest film, The Story of My Death, took the Golden Leopard at Locarno in… Continue reading Albert Serra Interview (The Story of My Death)